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The Lifestyle of the Alaskan Native People

This is my official blog post, for I have never sat down to write a story of my culture, my people, our lifestyle and the many beautiful stories and tragedies we have faced over the centuries. Prior to the Western culture that has entered into our lives, these are just based on accounts that may or may not have happened, but I will do my best to bring the stories into a real-life situation that we faced.

Our cultures in Alaska have spanned for thousands of years, but there is no real recording on how far back our culture has begun from our origins. Our elders have taught us that a raven had decided that it no longer wanted to fly, so the raven decided to land on the shore and the raven transformed itself with arms and legs thus began our traditional ways. Do you often wonder, knowing your cultural background, how your culture became into existence? I have researched our beginnings and there are so many theories on how we became ourselves. Although, our technology has improved of recording our ancestorial ways, but technology has its limits.

I will be updating my blog with daily updates; some may be a bit lengthy, and some will be straight to point. I hope you really enjoy my stories and please understand, some will be factual, and some will fictional. As we are becoming more into our daily digital age of technology, I can see the value of sharing our stories for we do have a rich culture that we do preserve from our ancestorial ways and now into the modern era.

Each blog will be transcending through various points of our lives that will be bridging point from the previous blog and into the next blog. This is important to explain, because I feel that blogging should not be random, but a continuous story. Of course, this is my personal opinion and people should view their blogging as their main way of telling their stories. We are all part of our culture history and I know that some may not know their culture background, however, we have roots from somewhere.

Recently, one of my customers had suggested that I write my story and my people's stories because you will remember easily. Our cultural ways are telling our stories through verbal communication and through our dancing, however, our lifestyle is a close-knit community that we are able to easily remember as this our daily experiences.

The below image is not my creation, but it is just a depiction of what I stated earlier. It is by Trickster.

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