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Uluaq - The Extraordinary Kitchen Tool

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

The Uluag (ulu-ak) has been a traditional tool for Alaskan Natives for over 5,000 years. The original design was made of slate blade and the handle was made from bone, Walrus Ivory or wood. Long before the introduction of steel, our Uluaq is one of our primary tools to prepare fish and meat for our long winters.

Traditional Uluaq

One of a kind

Each Uluaq is hand crafted and they are one of a kind tool, which really depends on what available materials we find while hunting and gathering. Our deep rooted tradition is that nothing goes to waste.

Unique design

Did you notice the how the blade is in the shape of a half moon? The purpose of this unique design is that we subsistence foods year round. The exertion of cutting our food source is equally balanced between the center force of pushing the blade and the handle for easy preparation of the fish and meat.

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