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Little Bit About Alaska

Oh man where do I even start. In Alaska there are many villages or small towns. When I was a kid I love the outdoors, I would be just be able to walk out and see all the wilderness, rivers. We be able to travel by boat to one village to another just like car rides. Oh man felt scary but same time I loved it. I get fascinated how the view looks.

Yes I know it's not the view I was talking about but looking at the mountains amazing. During winter I know it gets pretty chilly. When you go outside and dress right for the weather, how the frost looks on the tree, sun hits the trees males them sparkles. Get to travel by snowmachines, there's a little snow sledding for kids or adults to try it out, but only during winter. Going back to what I was saying, Go boat riding was amazing, checking out other towns, camping in complete wilderness. Alaska is most beautiful year round. You'd be meeting amazing people I mean you already do if u go traveling. Can go hiking, get the most amazing views ever, there fishing next to the highways, lakes, river.

Well there's what I can think of. I will make more blogs on here when I have more time. Love From Ak💙

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